Hi5 is an informal collaboration among five local music groups: New Music Works, the Santa Cruz Chorale, Santa Cruz Chamber Players, Santa Cruz Baroque Festival and Distinguished Artists. For over 3 decades, our Hi5 member organizations have made a significant contribution to the cultural life of our community.

Though each group represents a distinct ecological niche, we are also part of a network of shared musical connections in our repertoire, artists, and audience members. The concert calendar below lists each group's offerings for the current season, and shows the joint impact our work has on our county's musical eco-system.

Subscribers to any of these organizations receive a Hi5 Bonus Pass valid for admission to a concert by any participating organization. See you at our concerts!

Hi5 Calendar - Music by our Members
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These events are brought to you by:

● New Music Works -- http://www.newmusicworks.org
● Santa Cruz Chorale -- http://www.santacruzchorale.org
● Santa Cruz Chamber Players -- http://www.scchamberplayers.org
● Santa Cruz Baroque Festival -- http://www.scbaroque.org
● Distinguished Artists -- http://www.distinguishedartists.org/