As we adjust to the unknowable scope of this pandemic, we look for more ways to stay afloat, make music, and provide for the musicians who do this for a living. That is why we are holding a fundraiser from September 19 to October 18.

We inaugurated this fundraising month last Saturday evening, September 19th, with a live broadcast of solo recorder music by virtuosa Claudia Liliana Gantivar. Filmed and recorded at Geekhaven (the Baroque Festival’s remote home base in the Aptos Hills) her program sweeps through the Baroque period, beginning with a setting of Psalm 150 by churchyard busker, composer, and master recorder player Jacob van Eyck (1590-1657) from his compendium “Der Fluyten Lust-Hof.” Next, by Joseph Boidin de Boismortier (1689-1755), a suite that expresses the state of music in the French Late Baroque. Unlike Jacob Van Eyck, de Boismortier was highly successful publisher of his own compositions. Challenging, entertaining pieces by Telemann and Bach round out the evening. It was a pleasure to enjoy Gantivar’s enchanting tone and mastery of articulation expressing the playful, interesting, and emotive phrases of these treasures of the Baroque. Watch it on our website, along with all of the other live-casts we’ve done so far.

Our monthlong fundraiser concludes with Grammy award winning artists William Coulter and Barry Phillips in another live performance at Geekhaven, 6:30pm on October 17th, and rebroadcast 11am on October 18th. The concert will include original arrangements for guitar and cello spanning western Europe and including music from the time of Bach to the present day. This duo has been performing for over 30 years and recorded many CD’s for the local music label Gourd Music.

On the program: Several movements from Cello Suite #1 by J.S. Bach for solo cello in a unique duo arrangement with guitar accompaniment ~ A nod to Vivaldi with the infamous Largo from the concerto for Lute and Strings ~ Ay Linda Amiga, an anonymous madrigal from 16th century Spain ~ Two tunes from the Irish baroque composer Turlough O’Carolan~ Instrumental arrangements of spiritual songs from the American Shakers~ A traditional Long Dance and a newly composed tune from Sweden ~ Devil in the Bush and the French Polka from the Welsh folk music tradition. So do mark your calendars for our livecast of Baroque and Folk from the Coulter / Phillips duo.

Meanwhile our regular weekly series of broadcasts from our video archive continues, Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sunday at 11am, including of course this week’s Roots of Bach and Telemann, featuring Claudia Liliana Gantivar, and the rest of the remarkable Virtu Ensemble.

So please join us in celebration of music, and to the extent that you are able, give generously to help our festival of living Baroque music survive.